Systems Engineering for Software Engineers in Top-Ranking Technical Universities in Russia | CEE-SECR 2015
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One comment on “Systems Engineering for Software Engineers in Top-Ranking Technical Universities in Russia
  1. Павловский Михаил says:

    Добрый день.

    Мы ИТ-компания, которая разрабатывает большие автоматизированные системы (железо, сеть, СЗИ, устройства, СПО) для государственных заказчиков.

    Очень интересна тема системной интеграции, только мы под системной интеграцией понимаем, мы разработали 10 подсистем, которые увязываются друг с другом, через сеть, спутники, объединяют и управляют удаленными “железными” устройствами, то есть не интеграция готовых компонент (например все на базе продуктов микрософт), а все разработанное с нуля или единичные экземляры в мире.

    Доклад ваш очень для нас интересен, но из описания не достаточно понятно о чем речь.
    Правильно ли я понял, что будет рассказываться:
    1. опыт преподавания системной инженерии в МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана (г. Москва) и СПбГЭТУ ЛЭТИ (г. Санкт-Петербург)
    2. суть авторских учебных программ

    То есть, по сути подходы к разработке, паттерны, практики, как стоят большие информационные системы за рамками доклада?

    Заранее спасибо.

    P.s. Личный интерес: я преподаю в ЛЭТИ, вы у нас какие-то курсы читали по системной инженерии?

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  • As a speaker I really liked the conference organization — everything was quick and exactly as was agreed. As a participant I really enjoyed the conference program. Sometimes due to two or even three interesting reports in parallel tracks, it was almost impossible to make a choice, but I think it is a good thing for a conference.

    Maxim Dorofeev
    Managing partner

  • CEE-SECR is different from other conferences: successful smiling friendly people give the impression that I was on another planet; The conference is well organized and comfortable for participants, there was a speakers’ room, WiFi, space for participants discussions with a board and a screen. A pleasant fact for me was that at the last moment, when I was about to leave on a plane one of the participants told me he was going to SECR for only 2 reports, one of which is mine.

    Boris Shteinberg
    Southern Federal University (Russian Federation)

  • Thank you for letting me participate in such a great experience. I really enjoyed all presentations I have attended. Great speakers and vast diversity of talks let me learn so much in such a short time.

    Kamil Grabowski
    Software Developer
    Menlo Innovations

  • It was nice being back in Moscow and at CEE-SECR. It is a very well organized conference you have, quite different in scope from the normal “western” conferences I attend — and I mean that positively. There is a more practitioner approach, but still some academic touch. And you seem to have a very enthusiastic — and growing — audience attending. So you must be on the right track.

    Lars Bendix
    Associate professor
    Lund University, Sweden

  • SECR is an impressive conference: it covers a broad range of computer science topics, has engaged and excited speakers and attendees, is well organized, and generally a lot of fun to attend. It’s a great place to learn about new topics and meet experts in the field.

    Chris Lattner
    Founder and chief architect

  • What most struck me in this conference was excellent quality of some talks. They were not simply technical showcases of features, techniques and products—which would be very useful indeed—but fully inspirational talks and faithful reports from the trenches of everyday work. These days it’s so easy to find tons of posts, tutorials and articles to explain the hows; it’s much harder to get inspired instead. This is today the primary goal of a technical software conference.

    Dino Esposito
    Technical evangelist